1. How do I make housing arrangements?

Once you receive notification of acceptance to the workshop, you will receive information regarding housing via e-mail. Please fill out and return these forms to Linda Warren (warren@niagaracc.suny.edu) to reserve space in campus housing. All participants will be housed in 4 or 5-person suites (each with private bedrooms) but shared kitchen and bathroom space. Suitemates will be determined based on background / professional information that you submit via e-mail.  A private Facebook group will be established to allow Summer Scholars to communicate with each other prior to arrival to coordinate travel arrangements and room assignments.

2. When will I receive the $1200 stipend to cover my expenses?

You will receive the stipend on the last day of the workshop minus the costs of housing and any pre-paid meals. This means you will have to pre-pay only for your travel to the workshop and the necessary reading assignments. If you miss any portion of the required workshop presentations or activities for any reason, we reserve the right to withhold a prorated portion of your stipend.

3. Can locals commute to the workshop?

Yes, though we highly encourage you to consider living on campus for the week to promote a rich, collaborative learning environment among all summer scholars. If you decide to commute, it is your responsibility to be on time at all required activities, including evening activities. Please be advised that we will begin some mornings as early as 8:00AM and not conclude until 8:00PM

4. What type of credit do I receive for participation in this workshop?

Each NEH Summer Scholar will receive a certificate for up to 40 professional development hours (CEUs/PDPs) for their participation in the workshop.

5. What about meals? 

Summer Scholars are expected to pay for all meals while in attendance at the workshop. Some meals you will have the choice of dining establishments but for other meals we will be dining as a group during our  travels along the canal corridor.

Summer scholars may purchase breakfast and lunch at on-campus dining facilities, but scholars should not expect a diverse array of menu options as the college will be operating limited facilities during the summer.

During our travels at various points throughout the week, scholars will dine as a group at restaurants along the Canal corridor. Menus will range in price (from $15 per entree in downtown Buffalo to $30 per entree at the Richardson Canal House in Pittsford). All other dinners (Saturday evening in Niagara Falls excepted) will be provided by a catering service and scholars will be charged an upfront rate for these meals. Vegetarian meal options will be made available for any catered meal.

6. Can we stay extra days before or after the workshop?

No. Campus housing will only be available for the duration of the workshop. If you wish to arrive early or extend your stay, please research hotel options in Niagara Falls or Buffalo. If you intend on traveling to Canada during your stay, be advised that you must possess either a passport or an enhanced driver’s license to cross the border.

7. What should I bring with me?

Money: We recommend at least $40 per day for your personal needs as well as for dining and extra books and souvenirs you may wish to purchase from sites.

Linens / Bedding: Unfortunately, dormitory housing does not provide sheets, pillows, blankets, towels  etc. We are currently trying to find a linen service that scholars traveling from afar can take advantage of at a predetermined rate that will be deducted from participant stipends.

Clothing: Workshop dress is casual meaning pants/shorts and comfortable shirts/blouses. Expect 80-degree days, some humidity, and (usually) sunshine. We recommend good walking shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, an umbrella, a hat/visor, and a light sweater/ jacket (air conditioners can be cold!)

Personal Needs: If you have medicinal or very special dietary needs, you will need to bring your own supplies. Photography and Laptop computers: Photography is strongly encouraged to incorporate your experience along the Canal into your classroom. Campus housing has wi-fi access throughout the facility and access to computer labs will be made available to participants. It is recommended that you bring a laptop or other personal computer device (such a Tablet device), although it is not obligatory.

Books: Please be sure to bring all texts on the “Reading Assignments” page with you.

8. May I bring family members or pets with me to the workshop?

We discourage participants from bringing family members. Only workshop participants are allowed to reside in campus housing. This is an intensive residential professional development experience for K–12 educators. We are on the go from early in the morning and sometimes go until late in the evening. Only participants are authorized to attend activities. There is little time to spend with those who are not part of the workshop. We know that pets are “family” to many. However, campus housing cannot accommodate pets.

9. Should I rent a car?

Not necessarily. However, if you have specific dietary concerns that necessitates purchasing groceries and/or finding other meal options, you may want to consider this because of the rural nature of N.C.C.C’s campus. We will create a private Facebook group to coordinate taxi rides to campus.

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